Black Water Brigade is an Ottawa Valley based band writing and performing original Rock & Roll, we are three guys who grew up loving music and playing in bands to hone our individual musical skills.

When we formed in late 2017 it was synergy right away, we all compliment and anticipate each others playing style and integrate it into our own songs while painting a picture with words and music. Our own music ranges from softer deep meaning creations to all out, crank it up rockers, we are recording our debut album in April 2018, ten of our own songs that we are all very proud of.

We've been gigging around a bit and have received a great response so far and are developing a fan base who identify with our music. Future plans are keep playing gigs, release our debut album (on CD, Record & Cassette & Digitally), and keep doin' what BWB does...

Making "Rock & Roll for your Soul"

BWB is:

Mike Graham: Guitar / Bass / Piano / Lead & Backing Vocals

Jay Thomas: Guitar / Bass / Lead & Backing Vocals

Steve Anthony: Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals